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welcome to digitalfishphones.com
Welcome to digitalfishphones.com.

This is the private website of Sascha Eversmeier, age of 49.
I live in Berlin and work as a software developer in the field of studio monitor speakers.

My former job (until Oct. 2020) was DSP development at u-he.com. Earlier, until June 2012, I've worked at Magix (the people behind the Samplitude/Sequoia DAW). Have been working there since 2000, and developed some freeware plugins (yes, the stuff you'll find on this site...) in my spare time, during the period from 2001 to 2003.

In 2003, as I started working for the DSP team at Magix, I decided to give up the freeware work and sold them the exclusive rights for the code of all digitalfishphones plugins that had piled up. Some of the work evolved in the form of new products, at least a couple of ideas were transfered along the way.
Such as:

Analogue Modeling Suite,
Vintage Effects Suite,
Vandal Virtual Guitar Amplifier,
VariVerb Pro,
Essential FX Suite

For the audio software found on this website, this clearly means:
  • All plugins here have been discontinued. If you have a use for them, grab them while you can. If not, have a look at my more recent contributions, especially at u-he.com.

  • No new plugins have been added since 2003, and no new work will be added (at least not in the near future). I'm already creative enough during the day, I guess :)

  • No changes will be made to the existing plugins. No recompile, no further ports, nothing. Read my lips: n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

Anyway, thanks for everybody having supported me since 2001 :)


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